About Me

I’m Anne and I’d like you to join me on a peculiar journey to re-establish myself as a blogger. I’m going to use this blog to document my new project of re-launching six niche blogs. The good, the bad, the success and the failures. You get a front seat!

18 years of experience – will that be enough?

I’ve been a web publisher since 1998. Back then we were all webmasters and webmistresses and there were no blogs and huge dinosaurs roamed the face of the earth.

We were creating “websites” back at the time by coding HTML. By hand on Windows Notepad.  CSS was just taking its first steps and we designed our sites using tables to hold together images of ugly menu buttons. Oh, if you wanted a website to really look neat, you could throw in a few animated gif’s with stars and thingies. Just not too many, mind, or it could really eat up your bandwidth.

We were Jacks (And Jills) Of All Trades. We coded in HTML and later in CSS, we wrote our content and of course, we did SEO manipulated AltaVista to display our websites on search results. Ahh… the good old days! I loved it!

I still love it today!

I created an infinite number of websites over the past 18 years (18 years?!?! Has it really been that long?) Some failed, some succeeded, a few really succeeded. I’ve been making a living doing this ever since, always working on my own websites.

It hasn’t made me immensely rich but it brings in a steady income, enough to keep me from having to look for “a job”. I made this money while raising my children and traveling the world. I’m not complaining.

About five years ago, a business opportunity came along for one of my largest websites and I jumped right in. I won’t go into too many details and only say that a partnership with an industry leader made me focus all of my time and energy on that site. My partners took over everything related to design, coding, SEO, marketing and revenue generation, leaving me to focus on content creation/curation and community management. It did wonders for that website which is now a leader in its niche, providing me with a comfortable and stable source of income.

So, what’s next?

Come 2016, I find myself working hard on that website but with more time on my hands. My kids are older now and I can work more hours in the day, more days a week. I miss web publishing. I miss the adventure and the risks. I miss having 100% full control over a project.

So I decided to start afresh. I still have my domain portfolio and some of those domains had dormant blogs on them. Projects started years ago and abandoned for lack of time.

I’m in the process of coming up with a plan. Whatever I do, my flagship site must remain the focus of my attention. Content creation and community management require TLC. All the time. I love that website and everything that it stands for in its niche and my number one priority is to keep it growing.

So, is it even possible to raise six blogs from the dead, dedicating an average of 30-40 hours a week to this project? I guess we’ll see!

Re-learning and sharpening my skills

Things have changed in the past five years. I find that I need to learn new skills and hone the ones I already have. I’m not new to the game but the game has changed a little and in order to succeed, you have to keep on top of the changes.

With that in mind, I’m starting this blog.

It’s mostly a journal for myself. I want to document my own progress in learning and applying new techniques and share what I read and learn. Giving back to the wonderful community of bloggers and web publishers who share their insights, I will also share my own. With 18 years of experience, I have my own thoughts, tips and ideas, combining a long-term historic view. It’s an odd kind of mix, I guess. A fresh pair of eyes, looking at blogging after a five year break, as well as nearly two decades of experience. Should be interesting.

So, what are these six mystery blogs?


At first I was reluctant about sharing them but hey, transparency counts.

#1 CatPicsBlog.com
#2 CatsGoShopping.com
#3 Gifts4kids.net
#4 Home-Decor-Hub.com
#5 TripMemos.com

#6 Yeys.com (Yup! You’re reading it right now!)

I’m going to post their traffic and revenue stats once a month, along with reviewing what I did to develop and promote them. Should be interesting to see the progress (or lack of – definitely could happen as well).

Here’s where you can read about the goals and strategies for the blog revival project.

And here’s my first traffic and revenue report!

On a personal note –

Last but not least! I’m 44 years old. I’m a woman, a mother and a wife. At my age, the issue of life experience comes hugely into play. Yes, possums, I know things. I love talking to young people and sharing my experience. I’m a local agony aunt to many younger friends and I’d like to think I provide them with sage advice from the old and wise.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me. I’m excited about this! Are you?